Joy and happiness are experienced when inner being and outer existence are in alignment with each other. Unfortunately, that alignment is difficult to achieve and to maintain. Facilitating the aware expression of inner needs and creating outer circumstances that are aligned with them is at the core of Eva Ruland’s mission.

Eva helps you through coaching. Individual attention and customized approaches foster profound and lasting change. Coaching helps you gain clarity on what your essentials are — the conditions under which you thrive — and guides you while you restructure your life to make it conducive to your true needs. READ MORE or SCHEDULE A SESSION.

For those who prefer to start working on their own, check out iBlossom transformational tools.

Collage and SoulCollage® are wonderful helpers on the journey of joyful unfolding. READ Why.

Next collage Activities:
soulcollage Playshop: April 14, 7:15-9:15pm, Berkeley
soulcollage workshop: April 27, 1:45-5pm, Berkeley
Nurture collage Workshop: May 17, 2-5:30pm, Berkeley

Chakra Cards series: starts May 8, 7:15-9:30pm, Berkeley

If you need help deciding where to start Schedule a CONSULTATION and Eva will help you come up with a plan.



What clients say:

“I experience Eva as a kind, thoughtful, sensitive yet penetrating coach. She both guides me and inspires inner work.”

Paul Monfette, BC

"Eva is able to create a space that allows me to get back to who I am."

Shelley Denny, CA

“When I think back to the year I worked with Eva, what comes to mind are: breakthroughs, deep listening, paradigm shifts, joyful presence, being seen, mirroring my highest good; laughter, sharing mother loss, creative energy. — I highly recommend Eva Ruland as a life coach.

— Carolyn C., artist and educator

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