Eva Ruland

Welcome and congratulations on taking the first step to invite more ease, joy and love into your life!

The key to sustainable change is hidden deep inside you, in the unconscious. I help you access this powerful treasure chest. With it's help you will:

- transform the patterns that govern your life and
- soon feel better about yourself, your life, and your possibilities.

Nothing can speed up your process of true change more than working with an astute guide who detects your unconscious patterns, points them out to you, and shows you ways to overwrite them with more desirable patterns. Eva is such a guide. READ MORE or SCHEDULE A SESSION. Don't hesitate to contact Eva to help you evaluate what's your best next step.

Upcoming group offerings:

Chakra Cards: create a powerful visual support for your energy centers. 7 week course starts on May 19.

: June 4| 10:30am - 12:45pm | Berkeley | $55
IMMersion: June 19| 1:45 - 5pm | Berkeley | $78
SoulCollage is a powerful catalyst on the journey of unfolding into joy. Click here to read why.

Midlife Alchemy: new 7 week intro course starts on September 14! sign up for Midlife Alchemy announcements.

Give yourself the gift of self-discovery and change. If you need help deciding where to start Schedule a CONSULTATION and Eva will help you come up with a plan.




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Eva has helped (and continues to help) me to become clear and see what I really want and need in my life.

I whole-heartedly recommend Eva Ruland as a life coach.

Chris C., Pennsylvania

Eva really tuned into the important themes, major underlying issues, and continued to unravel them from meeting to meeting until we had resolved them or discussed in full detail. Great!

I love how Eva is a non-judgemental and objective guide to helping you explore and reveal your true desires and needs.

— Heather Gahan, eco business owner, Berkeley


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