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Welcome + Congratulations for being curious!

Eva Ruland

I'm glad that you found me and are taking the first step to change or fine-tune your life!

The key to sustainable change is hidden deep inside you, in the realm of the unconscious. I can help you access this powerful realm and guide you in transforming old patterns. Your life will then be open for new possibilities. With my help you will:

- transform the patterns that govern your life and
- soon feel better about yourself, your life, and your possibilities.

Nothing can speed up your process of true change more than working with an astute guide who detects your unconscious patterns, points them out to you, and shows you ways to overwrite them with more desirable patterns. Eva is such a guide. READ MORE or SCHEDULE A SESSION. Don't hesitate to contact Eva to help you step into a more joyful life.

Most of Eva's clients are women 40s-60s who want to live a fuller, more satisfying life while lowering the pressure they experience from the outside. They come to Eva for various reasons:
  • stress overload
  • unsatisfying working situation
  • rethinking work while unemployed
  • unhappy relationship/marriage
  • recovering from a break-up
  • needing support breaking out of a marriage or a long-term relationship
  • low self-esteem
  • 'good girl' syndrome (habitually putting others' interest above one's own)
Eva's clients trust her because she listens deeply, asks profound questions that open new perspectives, offers helpful tools, and shares the spirit of inspiration.

Change takes awareness and discipline – most of us struggle with at least one of the two. The support, guidance, and structure that you receive through coaching helps you grow steadily, and stirs you back on track when you fall back into old habits. Contact Eva to explore working with me and getting me on your support team.

Upcoming events + group offerings:

SoulCollage: Discover more of yourself through this meditative creative practice on February 23, 1:30-4:30pm. / $95 register Here.



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Coaching allowed me to cherish myself ... and adopt a new self-image. ... When I think back to the year I worked with Eva, what comes to mind are: breakthroughs, deep listening, paradigm shifts, joyful presence, being seen, mirroring my highest good; remembering my soul's journey; tears & laughter, sharing mother loss, creative energy.

I highly recommend Eva Ruland as a life coach.

Carolyn C., artist and educator


It is amazing how in a phone call Eva can help me come back to my true self. She is really good at it.

Chris C., anaestiologist