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Soul Alchemy — Get in touch with your inner magic


"A surprisingly playful yet extremely well orchestrated method to connect to one's intuition/inner voice which magically helped me formulate a new vision and path. I surprised myself during the last session by writing an amazing one-and-a-half-page summary of past, present, future containing positive, achievable, encouraging action steps i am taking now."
----Hk, Oakland

Bringing together inner and outer, the conscious and the unconscious, the apparent and the invisible, to further your blossoming.

In alchemy, the goal is to transform the base metal lead into gold. In Soul Alchemy, the "gold" we work toward is for you to live joyfully and gracefully, fully being yourself. That's when life unfolds with ease, when you experience joy, and have the sense of being in the right place at the right time—in short: when you blossom. You blossom when you are attuned to yourself and aligned with the world around you.


SoulAlchemy for Women —
Connecting with your truth,
Reclaiming your self-worth,
Stepping into more ease + joy

This in-person group program sets you on the path of transformation and clarity. You will discover yourself again (or perhpas for the first time) as you examine your life through the lens of alchemical dimensions. Over the course of 2 months you will explore shadows and light, reality and possibility, and begin to befriend your authentic self. You will begin to align yourself with yourself more as you connect with your inner truth, and feel a new sense of possibility and empowerment as you reclaim your sense of self-worth. This alchemical method will lead you to more clarity and, over time and with practice, to more joy, and more ease in your life.


Location: Berkeley
Meeting time: Tuesdays, 7:15-9:15pm
Group size: 5-7 women
Cost: $449

Schedule: March 7- April 25
meets weekly, except on March 28 + April 11

Special offers:

Gold Package
Includes SoulAlchemy course + 1 private coaching session : $549 (you save $100)

Platinium Package
Includes SoulAlchemy course + 3 months of private coaching sessions : $1249 (you save $250)

What are the components of SoulAlchemy?
I can hear you ask, "Sounds great, but how do we do that? Roughly speaking we achieve this tremendous transformation by joining the conscious and the unconscious, or rather, accessing the unconscious and connecting it bit by bit to consciousness. The conscious is the domain of the rational mind with the ego at its center. The unconscious is, according to C.G. Jung, everything else, including energy fields and seemingly random occurrences. When we are aligned with our unconscious these seemingly random occurrences become favorable coincidents know as synchronicities.

We will work a lot with images, reflection, and visualizations to bridge between these two realms. I summary we will use :

·      reflection
·      exploring alchemical symbolism
·      writing
·      working with images
·      drawing/painting/collage (your choice)
·      visualization
·      sharing
·      camaraderie

as modalities of this alchemical journey.

We are all governed by the unconscious — Make it your Friend
The unconscious is a storehouse of wisdom and intuition far beyond what the mind can see. Making friends with your unconscious by exploring it and accessing its hidden wisdom is a powerful way that leads you not only to real self-knowledge but also to making good decisions. It is the path to more clarity and alignment with your inner world, your soul, and the world around you.


You will learn to

·      look at your life from a new perspective
·      appreciate your strengths and achievements
·      reframe and forgive yourself for your failures
·      gain a new understanding of how positive and negative co-exist
·      appreciate yourself for who you are
·      connect with your deeper sense of self
·      learn to focus on what really matters
·      become empowered to accept and embrace the many facets of life.

Special offers:

Gold Package
Includes SoulAlchemy course + 1 private coaching session : $549 (you save $100)

Platinium Package
Includes SoulAlchemy course + 3 months of private coaching sessions : $1249 (you save $250)






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Testimonials for Eva's Alchemy

Diving deep gave me the roots to self-prioritize! ----Kristi, Oakland

I have been taking much better care of myself and I am proud of myself for doing so. I am paying much more attention to discovering what I need and making small steps to do more of these things.. ---Laura, Davis

Eva is an amazing facilitator! So much is shifting for the better, internally and externally.
----Lisa, Berkeley

The course helped me out of a deep hole.
----HK, Oakland

I felt more settled after the course. It gave me the sense that everything is going to be okay.
----Pam, Richmond

Thank you so much! I appreciate the care and creativity that went into the framing of this course. ... It enriches our experience.
----Angela, Emmeryville

There is so much to explore and grow through the process called alchemy. Fun and helpful—Thank you!
----Sharyn, Albany

Did it help? Certainly. It gave me strength to go into the transition.
----Gayle, Orinda

I got to see parts of myself that I love and want to continue to bring out.

It's fun and the community of women is lovely.
----Shelley, Berkeley