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Collage Workshops

Take an afternoon and let me guide you in creating a meaningful collage.

Collage by workshop participant Ann Larson
Collage by Ann Larson.*

Seasonally inspired collage workshops offered in 2016 are:

Nurture Collage
| May 16, 2016 | Berkeley | $95

Gratitude Collage | November 20, 2016

All collage workshops are process oriented and include sharing your collage and the insights they inspire. No artistic background necessary. Groups are limited to 8 participants.

You will work on a 19 x 24" paste-boards, with a choice of using a 19x19 square.

Eva starts out preparing you with a guided visualization and leads you through the distinct phases of her proven 4 steps process to make sure that you'll leave with a great, powerful collage.

Collage is also a powerful media for contemplating what matters to you, as well as a conduit for processing experiences. Click here to read about the benefits and theory behind different forms of collage, intention collage and SoulCollage®.

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Register as a student: $69 (Must present student ID at workshop)

*Eva Ruland and the featured collage workshop participants thank all photographers and other artists who created the original art we were drawing from. If you recognize one of your pieces in any of the posted collages, we would love to give you credit for your work. Please contact us.

All collages throughout the site are used for private purpose only.




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"Collage making with Eva is a uniquely amazing way to have a meditative creative and opening experience ... shared with good people. Eva is a personable and committed instructor/ guide."

Rachel, realtor

"The workshop is a remarkable tool for helping one process what's going on in the subconscious."

"It was a wonderful experience for me. I can't thank you enough for giving me the space to allow myself to feel and be creative."

"Eva creates a safe place to explore ourselves through collage and share comfortably with others."

Karen P., Therapist

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