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Embracing Everyday Magic
Change your reality by changing your attitude

Most of us are trained to adhere to the rule of the rational mind. We try to figure things out, analyze what's going on or what went wrong, make up scenarios, and solve the problems we're facing by thinking about them hard. If the problem at hand is a technical issues that approach works well. If our problem involves more complex systems and people, logic doesn't turn much success. We end up going in circles, repeating the same arguments over and over again. As we encounter more problems that we cannot solve, most of us begin to crumble and assume that the fault lies in us. We begin to feel less than and lose trust in our judgement and in our strengths. Never do we question our approach.

For many of us, to be reasonable was our key to participating in the world of power and success. It has been hammered into our being to adhere to the rules of logic, and we hold on to them for sheer life. And yet, we seem to be sinking. Let me tell you that there is an entire universe out there that does not operate according to the rules of reason. I call it magic here, C.G.Jung called it synchronicity. What i speak of is occurring change on the physical plane by tapping into the power of the unconscious, the psychic tapestry that connects us all. If you have tended toward the rational end of the spectrum, this article might bring up red flags in you. I invite you to bring out the true researcher in yourself and to open yourself to new possibilities. Instead of dismissing a powerful tool based on prejudice, i invite you to start experimenting with the magic route. Give it the benefit of doubt. Make room for its validity and be open to be blown away by the ease and power of this approach.

I have used the magic of tapping into the unconscious and aligning myself with it to influence small things and bigger things. I sometimes take refuge in everyday magic when i'm running late for a meeting. Then the person i am meeting might contact me to let me know that they are running late and voila, all is well. I have also sought magical solutions in bigger things: as a student without enough income i aligned myself to get the lease for an apartment when the odds where against me. Let me give you a more in-depth example that shows how powerful the magical approach can be and how it works.

Years ago, when i first moved in with my husband, we had very difficult neighbors that caused me a lot of aggravation. Their son had grown up being neglected and become an angry teenager, for obvious (and sad) reasons that i could not change. He would do things like break our gate, smash my car window, or trespass and crack the branches of my newly planted mandarin tree. My zen attitude dissipated over time and was replaced with feeling victimized and bent out of shape. There were times when i did not feel safe because of the groups of menacing teenagers he attracted that loitered in the street and whom i had to pass to get home. I felt violated, unsafe, and eventually outraged, particularly after the tree incident. I was upset and angry and at odds with my husband for tolerating what i thought was intolerable. My anger and upset grew until one day i realized that i was caught in a hamster wheel of anger: they were acting against me and i was angry in return. If i ever wanted to get out of the hamster wheel i had to take a step to the side. Fortunately, at that point i remembered that i had some practice with applied metaphysics. I knew how to align myself with the creative force field of the universe. I reconnected with my belief that all is interrelated and with my trust that the powers of the universe are on my side. I knew that i needed to step out of animosity and feeling victimized. I began to ask the universe for a win-win situation and settled on asking for an opportunity for the neighbors that would entice them to move away. Lo and behold, about three months later, the building was sold (we never knew that it had been on the market) and the new owner offered our neighbors a considerable financial incentive to move out. They took the money and left.

I hope that this example shows you how powerful the magical approach is and that it works where reason fails. I know that for the rationally trained, the immediate thought after "wow!" is to analyze and question causality. That's fine. But from my own research of trial and error i have learned that the analytical mind is relatively powerless where complex relational issues are involved, whereas working with the unconscious gets great results. The trick is to suspend disbelief and to surrender to the best possible outcome. When you do that, the magical approach is simultaneously the easiest and most powerful way of manifesting desirable outcomes, not just for me but also for some of my coaching clients with whom I have shared this approach. Try if for yourself—there is little to lose and lots to be gained.

Learning to use this approach may not be easy. If you falter in your trust and feel silly, don't give up quite yet. Contact me at eva_at_evaruland.com. to explore working with me. Having me on your support team might make all the difference.

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