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Why is your intuition important? — Getting in touch with your inner Wisdom

"The only real valuable thing is intuition, it's a spark in the awareness that the solution brings, no one knows how or why. It is not about deciding everything logically, but also not completely ignoring the 'felt' ideas rather than 'designed' ones."
~ Albert Einstein

Einstein is not the only one who valued intuition. Transpersonal psychologist Carl G. Jung allowed his intuition to guide him and used scientific rigor to develop a model of the psyche that emphasizes the importance of the unconscious. In this model, the conscious mind is nothing but the tip of the metaphorical iceberg.

The startling thing about icebergs is that 90% of their mass is hidden under the surface and submersed in the ocean. So, what is the rest of the iceberg in our metaphor? It is the unconscious.

The unconscious, according to Jung, is filled with both personal experiences (things that we forget or choose not to remember because we don't know how to integrate them, e.g. traumatic experiences), and—to a much larger degree—with archetypal content, imprints that are as old as our species and that shape our experiences as humans. Jung sometimes used the metaphor that archetypes are the instincts of the soul. And these instincts (or archetypal patterns) hold wisdom beyond measure.

Intuition is a way to bring the infinite pool of wisdom of the unconscious to the surface. When we follow an intuition we follow a bridge that connects us to the unconscious. And by following this bridge, we can know things that have not been discovered or proven. We can know beyond the limits of time and space—and far beyond the limits of the rational mind.

The task at hand is to train ourselves to connect with the unconscious.

The unconscious tries to get through to us on a daily basis. Yet its voice is often overshadowed by the noise of the rational mind. It is overshadowed by all kinds of rules and norms that tell us to react in a certain given way. It is overshadowed by our busyness which does not allow us to stop and notice more subtle stimuli. And it is overshadowed by the literal noise of TV and other media. We hardly remember dream images, and feel silly basing a decision on an irrational hunch. Yet it is through dream images, feelings, and physical sensations (such as getting goosebumps when something is eerie or creepy, or feeling a warmth when we encounter a friendly possibility), or through a flash of insight, that the unconscious connects with us. A premonition is a sensation birthed and orchestrated by the unconscious.

When we accept Jung's claim that the unconscious is a storehouse of immeasurable wisdom, the biggest question left is how to connect with it. How can we become more attuned to our intuition?

Here are some easy ways to test your intuition:

• Practice sensing others.
—Hang out with your pet. Tune into them. Get in touch with how they feel, what they want.
—Try to feel people's energy. Try to read their emotional state. If you know the person, ask them, What's going on? How do you feel? And check the answer against what you intitively felt.

• Practice somatic awareness.
Your intuition speaks through your body. If you are under pressure, or have to make an uncomfortable decision your body might be signaling to you (e.g. you come down with sudden diarrhea or feel sick to your stomach)
Check in with yourself: does your body feel tense or relaxed? Do you feel an unusual sensation? (goosebumps, contraction in the throat, nervousness, impatience…). Journal. Write down your feelings and body observations.

• Experiment with yourself.
Connect with one of your values. Then act against it or consider acting against it. How does it feel when you act against one of your values? The way you feel is probably similar to how you feel when you act against your intuition.
Journal. Write down your feelings and body observations.

The best way to heighten your intuition is to nurture your connection to the unconscious.
Here are some exercises to facilitate this:

• Slow down and observe.
—Become aware of all of your senses. Tune into the 5 conventional senses and put out intention to get in touch with the so-called sixth sense.

—Spend time in nature.
Go for walks, hike, putter in the garden.

• Be more spontaneous.
Practice being open to possibilities and break your routine. Try out new places, new routes, new foods, new reactions.

• Get creative. Creativity is one of the ways the unconscious expresses itself. Here are some ideas on how to get creative:

—Write down your stream of consciousness
~ Automatic writing. Take pen and paper and set a timer for 4 minutes. Write down everything that comes to mind. Read it.
~ Use a writing prompt (a question, a phrase, a color), take pen and paper, and set a timer for 3 minutes. Write down everything that comes to mind. Read it.

Take crayons or color pencils or markers and paper. Move your hand. Be open and don't judge. Step back and look at what you created. Is there a message in it?

—Make a collage. I find SoulCollage particularly helpful.
(Here is a link to my SoulCollage offerings.

• Observe your dreams.
Keep a journal next to your bed and write down your dreams immediately after waking up. Keep writing even if you are not sure you are remembering correctly. Trust the process and lean into emerging memories.

Let me end with another quote by Albert Einstein: "The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift." 

Congratulations on getting this far! You are inquisitive and probably long for more depth. It's easier to grow with the support and guidance of a teacher, coach or mentor. If you would like to explore working with me and getting me on your support team, contact me at eva_at_evaruland.com.



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