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Become a Silver Queen: the Alchemy of the Feminine

silver queen

The Silver Queen :: Alchemy of Empowered Feminine Wholeness

For the last couple of millennia in large parts of the world the notion of femininity has been reduced to receptivity, gentleness, sex appeal, mothering, and caring.

Today, we live in a society that claims equal rights for women. But do we live them fully? Do we claim our womanhood fully together with our power? And by power i do not mean asserting power over someone but asserting ourselves in a healthy way, insisting on our contribution and standing tall.

Many women do not know how. So many of us grew up under the spell of the 'good girl' ideal that prepared girls for a future as pleasant, caring, and devoted wives and mothers. A 'good girl' is sweet, self-sacrificing, pretty, and knows when to be quiet—and that is still how many of us live, regardless of our income or education.

Others decided early on that the only way to live self-possessed is by emulating the masculine. Women on that path choose to make their own mark on the world. They become achievers and success women. Different from the 'good girl' they emphasize owning their power in the same way that men do. Oftentimes they sacrifice feminine traits in order to be in control.

It's time for us to own all of who we are and to learn how to live both our classic feminine traits and claim our innate power.

The Silver Queen is a place to rethink, explore, reflect, and to own. I will present material to widen your perspective and will guide you as you to get acquainted with different aspects of femininity, explore your own habits of relating to the world, explore your creativity as you connect with your inner world, and find new possibilities to embrace your power.

You will
• engage in an archetypal perspective
• dive into the unconscious
• connect with your creativity
• reflect on your deeply held believes
• expand beyond your limitations

as you encounter the aspects of the Silver Queen.

Activities include:
• working with imagery
• reflecting on poetry
• guided visualization
• sharing

Come and explore yourself as the Silver Queen!

The Silver Queen I: Exploring Feminine Archetypes
May 20, 1:30-4:30pm | registration closed.
The Silver Queen I offers a look at feminine archetypes and how they might relate to you.

The Silver Queen II: Creativity & the Unconscious
June 4, 1:30-4:30pm | contact Eva to reserve a spot
The Silver Queen II explores Moon Alchemy, the realm associated with the unconscious and the creative.

The Silver Queen III: Being in Your Power
June 24, 1:30-4:30pm | contact Eva to reserve a spot
The Silver Queen III examines your relationship with power and offers empowering exercises.

PS: The name Silver Queen is inspired by a state in the alchemical process with the same name. It signifies the energies of the moon and relates to the powers hidden in the unconscious.



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Eva is very compassionate and I can tell she does this wholly from the heart to help heal. You learn about things you don't know, are hidden, and see through a visual representation—clearer intentions follow!
Collage workshop participant