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Sanctuary is a place where we find peace, grounding, rest, respite—where we are safe. Traditionally, a sanctuary is a sacred place, such as a church or other place of worship that offers sacred shelter. In the SANCTUARY project I hold sacred space for you to go within, explore, ground, create and cultivate a place of calm inside you: your inner sanctuary.

Here is how it works

The SANCTUARY project is a participatory project and forum for artists and creatives. It consists of two parts. Part 1 is your chosen creative project to which you tend on your own. You make space for it in your mind, your home or studio, and in your calendar. In part 2, a facilitated meeting via zoom, you share your project and you witness others share theirs. In this confluence, appreciation sparks and engenders inspiration and community. You feel held in the sanctuary of our community.

Your creative project can be an art project such as SoulCollage or painting, a writing project, or any other creative expression—your choice. If you don't know what to choose I recommend you try SoulCollage. It's easy and powerful. Here are tips and more information to help you with your creative project: sanctuary_faq.html.

At the zoom meeting I will hold sacred space for you and facilitate a sharing that connects everyone who joins us on a soul level. In this sacred space you can share and give voice to what you created. You will find calm, inspiration, and hopefully sanctuary—sanctuary in your creativity, sanctuary in our community on the zoom call, and sanctuary in the here and now.

The SANCTUARY project meets twice monthly via zoom call— Thursdays at 11am PT.

For more details please visit sanctuary_faq.html.

Registration is uncomplicated. Please send me an email to let me know that you are interested in joining us and I will send you an invitation to join this membership group.


PS: If you have never used zoom, no worries. Zoom is a super user-friendly video web conferencing platform—envision Skype with several users. After registering you will receive an email with an event link. It is advisable to follow the event link and allow for the set up prior to the meeting time so that you won't miss the beginning of the event.

If you have any question, don't hesitate to contact me.

My clients trust me because I listen deeply, ask profound questions that open new perspectives, offer helpful tools, and share the spirit of inspiration.

Let's talk to determine if we would be a good fit for each other.



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Coaching allowed me to cherish myself ... and adopt a new self-image. ... When I think back to the year I worked with Eva, what comes to mind are: breakthroughs, deep listening, paradigm shifts, joyful presence, being seen, mirroring my highest good; remembering my soul's journey; tears & laughter, sharing mother loss, creative energy.

I highly recommend Eva Ruland as a life coach.

Carolyn C., artist and educator


It is amazing how in a phone call Eva can help me come back to my true self. She is really good at it.

Chris C., anaestiologist