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TIPS for part 1 — your creative project 

FAQ 1: How do I prepare for my creative project?
Use materials you have at home. Writing is the easiest in terms of materials. Use your computer, tablet, or pen and paper.
You probably also have the materials for collage.
. For SoulCollage you will need: 
• old magazines, photos, flyers, catalogs or calendars. 
• a pair of scissors
• glue. I prefer glue sticks but liquid glue or spray mount will also work. 
• one or more pieces of cardboard cut to 5 x 8 inches
You can also paint, draw, sculpt, sing, dance--anything that makes your heart sing.

FAQ 2: I have never done SoulCollage and want to try it. Where do I start?
The fundamental idea at the core of SoulCollage is that images are the language of the soul.* All you need to do is be open to notice what images draw you in. Have your cardboard background ready and images or magazines close by, together with your scissors and glue. I like to start with a short moment of grounding. The easiest grounding method is to put one hand on your heart, the other on your belly, close your eyes, and breathe. Feel your hands move with every breath. Do this for a couple of minutes or longer. Now give yourself permission to let go of your rational thinking. Allow yourself to trust: trust yourself and trust the process. Trust that the right images will show up. When you bypass your rational mind images may attract you that you would dismiss "in your right mind." Allow yourself to not have an agenda. When you have found an image that draws you to it—this can be an image with a positive or negative emotional charge—clip it and put it on your cardboard. Meditate on it for a moment. Notice the feeling tone. Then grow your SoulCollage by finding other images to go with the first image. Do not judge your work and yourself. Allow the collage to come together as if it was a dream. Glue all the images down and trim the edges. Stay in the flow and create another SoulCollage card. — The more cards you make, the more freely your creative juices will flow.

FAQ 3: What if I want to combine SoulCollage and writing?
I suggest that you start with the visual. Let the images come to you and weave them together to form a collage. Allow the images to guide you. (Read FAQ 2 if you have not done it before.) Then, take time to meditate on your SoulCollage or other art project. Pretend it has a voice. What does it tell you? A great way to do this is to use the SoulCollage formula "I am the one who" and give voice to the elements of your art. Another way to approach this is to let the image speak as a voice of wisdom:  "I am here to tell you" or "I am here to show you" are both a good phrases to start with. Last but not least, it is also okay to forget all formulas and do some free writing inspired by your collage or painting. 

FAQ 4: Is there a theme other than SANCTUARY? 
Yes: the broader theme is WHAT REALLY MATTERS? I encourage you to follow your heart and your inner knowing. If you are doing collage this translates to following the images that draw you in.

TIPS for part 2 — the Zoom meeting

FAQ 5: What is zoom?
Zoom is a video conferencing system that is easy to use and free. If you have never used zoom, no worries. Zoom is a super user-friendly—envision Skype with several users. For first-time zoom users it is advisable to follow the event link that you will receive with your registration and allow 3-5 minutes for the set up prior to the meeting time so that you won't miss the beginning of the event.

FAQ 6: What else do I need to do?
Make sure you are in a room that has no distractions. Turn off any devices before you click the link and, if you have children, make sure that your child has a project they can be engrossed in for a while.

Registration is free and uncomplicated. Just send me an email to let me know that you intend to join us and I will send the zoom link.

Don't forget: Your registration includes your commitment to yourself and the group to create.

The SANCTUARY Project zoom calls take place twice monthly on Thursdays at 11am PT | 2pm New York | 7pm Dublin/London | 8pm Berlin/Milano/Oslo/Cairo/Cape Town.

Hope to see you soon on screen,

* Images are the language of the soul, just like words are the language of the rational mind. Words are labels and markers. There is a slight gap, a difference, between the word for something and the experience of this something. Images evoke the experience, unfiltered by words. Responding to images without agenda and pre-filter allows you to drop deeper into yourself and enter a dream-like state. In SoulCollage we allow ourselves to enter this dream-like state voluntarily and trust our senses. All you notice is the pull an image has on you.

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I highly recommend Eva Ruland as a life coach.

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