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SoulCollage® :: explore - integrate - understand - make peace - heal — Connect with Your Inner Wisdom

Eva Ruland and Iris Griebig with soulcollages/collages in the making
Eva Ruland and Iris Griebig with SoulCollages* | SoulCollage @ evolve! studio in Berkeley.

nurture your creativity, Connect with your inner wisdom,
nurture your soul.

Next SoulCollage® Offering :: SoulCollage Immersion

SoulCollage® immersions are intensive Sunday afternoon sessions that offer you an inspired arena for creating SoulCollage® cards and engaging with them, in a safe and supportive group environment. Come every month to give yourself a little bit of time for your soul to express itself. No collage experience required.

SoulCollage® Immersion are usually[but not always] scheduled for the 3rd Sunday of the month. Next date:

February 19, 1:45-5pm | Berkeley | $78

GIFT IDEA: A SoulCollage gift certificate is a great gift — From the heart, to the soul!

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Connect with your inner wisdom,
nurture your creativity,
connect with your soul.

We all are multi-facetted beings wearing many hats. Oftentimes, one or two of these hats seem to demand so much of us that we forget about other aspects of who we are. What happened with that adventurous part? How about your wild joy? And that part of you that is overwhelmed or scared? Do they have room to express it so that it does not burst out and talk you out of things that might nurture you? [read more] [read testimonials]

GIFT IDEA: A SoulCollage gift certificate is a great gift — From the heart, to the soul! Take advantage of the 3-Pack special: 3 SoulCollage workshops for only $199 (you save up to $46).

Student Special: $69 SoulCollage® Intro or Sunday

This workshop gives you time to explore yourself on a deeper level by delving into imagery. Eva will prepare you with a centering guided visualization and provide tons of stimulating images. The workshop concludes with sharing your SoulCollage cards and giving voice to them. Eva creates a safe environment and guides you through every step. — No experience required.


SoulCollage® weekend Dates:

(Highlighted dates mark introductory workshops)

Saturdays, 10:30am - 12:45pm
Jan 9 | Feb 6 | March 5 | April 2 | May 7 | June 4 | July 9| summer break | Sep 3 | Oct 8 | gratitude theme: Nov 19, 1:30-4:30

Sundays, 1:45-5pm — [intros: 2-5:30]
Feb 14 [registration closed]| March 20 | April 10 | May 15 | June 19 | August 14 | Sep 18 | Oct 23 | Nov 13 | Dec 11 | Jan 22

More Detail :: SoulCollage

Business and parenting are two typical examples of roles that hold strong demands on us. We want to give our best, with the result that for stretches of our lives we shut out many other aspects of who we are. It can be hard to explore your inner wild woman for example when you have a job and kids and little time to breath.

SoulCollage® is an opportunity to give voice to all of who we are, including those aspects that have suffered from neglect. In SoulCollage® we make cards for personality aspects and archetypal energies that want to be heard and expressed. No worries, Eva will guide you so that the card will almost create itself—no artistic skills are needed. And for those who are artistic but have no arena for their inner artist to roam, this is a fantastic opportunity to come and express yourself in a safe environment and without the pressure of competition. The SoulCollage® process is about honoring and expressing our inner selves, and all of us have unique selves to be expressed. An intrinsic part of SoulCollage® is sharing, giving voice to the card that you created. The safe environment of the group is an ideal setting for this.

Come to an intro workshop to learn more about SoulCollage® AND to make your first cards. Experience for yourself what others rave about [read testimonials]. Chances are that you will love it too. Then, come and join Eva for a Monday night series to begin to develop your SoulCollage® deck. Give yourself two and a half hours each week to dive deeper into yourself, connect with what is hidden and become more whole. Your soul needs a little time and attention, just like your body — SoulCollage® is for the soul what the gym or yoga class are for your body: it helps heighten your awareness and ultimately boosts your happiness and leads toward inner peace. Come and give it a try. You will enjoy the process—that’s a promise!

SoulCollage intro: January 22| 2-5:30pm | Berkeley | $95

About the SoulCollage® deck

SoulCollage® is a system and a path.
After practicing SoulCollage® for a while you will be able to organize your cards according to SoulCollage® suits :

- committee
- community
- council
- energy companions (chakra cards)
- transpersonal cards.

Over time, you will be able to use your deck for divination. It is a bit as if you had a personal tarot deck!

SoulCollage® is a powerful and fun psycho-spiritual creative practice that allows us to gradually grow by integrating continuously more aspects of who we are. This dynamic practice helps process our complexities, ambiguities and contradictions, ultimately leading to a sense of clarity, wholeness and inner peace.

Creating Your SoulCollage® Deck

Having your own SoulCollage® deck is like having a deck of customized tarot cards. Each card has its own specific meaning and can help you understand yourself better. Plus, the process of making cards is a fun way of letting your creative juices flow while exploring aspects of yourself, a card at a time.

The Saturday morning group and the SoulCollage immersion Sundays will help you explore yourself while growing your SoulCollage® deck. Each meeting begins with a centering guided visualization. Then we will create SoulCollage® cards and share what they reveal to us.

If you have not done a SoulCollage® intro workshop yet, no worries: come and get started. You can take the intro workshop at the next opportunity or when you're ready. Come and expand your SoulCollage® deck in this safe, nurturing, creative environment. No artistic background necessary.

Call 510.644.1566 for more information.

Buy a pack of 3 SoulCollage® immersion workshops for $199 and save.

Energy Companions :: Chakra Cards

The Energy Companion suit brings you compelling guidance and support.

Come and make a card for each of your chakras. This will help you tune into their energies more consciously and connect with them more effectively. By the end of this series you will have Energy Companion cards for all your chakras. Each session we will focus on a different chakra.

Eva will use guided visualization to help you retrieve each of your energy companions. No artistic background necessary.

Thursday evenings, 7:15-9:15pm, in Berkeley | starts on May 19
Please contact Eva if you would like to sign up for this series.

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Next SoulCollage Weekend Dates:

(Highlighted dates mark introductory workshops and have different start and end times)

Saturdays, 10:30-12:45 — [intros: 10-1:15]

Jan 9 | Feb 6 | March 5 | April 2 | May 7 | June 4 | summer break | Sep 3 | Oct 8 | | gratitude theme: Nov 19, 1:30-4:30

Sundays, 1:45-5pm — [intros: 2-5:30]
Feb 14 | March 20 | April 10 | May 15 | June 19 | July 17 | summer break | Sep 18 | Oct 23 | Nov 13 | Dec 11 | Jan 22

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*Eva Ruland and the featured collage workshop participants thank all photographers and other artists who created the original art we were drawing from. If you recognize one of your pieces in any of the posted collages, we would love to give you credit for your work. Please contact us.

These collaged cards and the collages throughout the site are samples and used for private purpose only.




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"This workshop is a safe + wonderful way to connect with myself + my creativity."

Susan Johnson, Oakland

"Wow, I made a card that represents where I am in my life at the moment... I am learning to nurture myself and one of the ways is through SoulCollage®. Thank you, Eva!"

Deedee, Burlingame

"This workshop is extraordinarly enlightening. I highly recomend it."

C.W.E., Alamo

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