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Eva really tuned into the important themes, major underlying issues, and continued to unravel them from meeting to meeting until we had resolved them or discussed in full detail. Great!

I love how Eva is a non-judgemental and objective guide to helping you explore and reveal your true desires and needs.

Heather Gahan, eco business owner, Berkeley

Working with Eva as a coach is a great way to hone in on what you really want in life and visualize your future. Rather than just generalize you visualize and realize.

Great job on helping us visualize our dreams in more detail and realize what is at the root of those dreams.

Eric Gahan, eco business owner, Berkeley

Eva has been my coach for one and a half years. She has helped (and continues to help) me to become clear and see what I really want and need in my life.

With Eva as my coach I have manifested more than I ever expected:

  • Coaching helped me to realize how much nature means to me. I used to live in the city. Today I live on a big ranch and have horses, goats and a great garden.
  • My 8 year old unsatisfying relationship transformed into a true partnership and a marriage.
  • I redefined my attitude toward my daughter, and as a result, now have a much closer and enjoyable relationship with her.

All these transformations happened within one year of coaching.

I continue my coaching sessions as a mental-emotional-spiritual practice. They ground me and remind me of what really matters.

I whole-heartedly recommend Eva Ruland as a life coach.

— Chris C., Pennsylvania

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Eva takes you right to the heart of what might be blocking your progress and very pleasantly blows it away with a warm breeze.

— L. Richards, Oakland [workshop participant]

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Coaching allowed me to cherish myself as an artist. It led me to adopt a new self-image: that of an accomplished artist whose voice is heard, and a valued consultant.

When I think back to the year I worked with Eva, what comes to mind are: breakthroughs, deep listening, paradigm shifts, joyful presence, being seen, mirroring my highest good; remembering my soul's journey; tears & laughter, sharing mother loss, creative energy.

I highly recommend Eva Ruland as a life coach.

— Carolyn C., artist and educator

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Often I drive myself crazy in the creative process when it comes to my own promotions. This time, I felt I needed some help. I booked several coaching session with Eva, to specifically work on my new business promotions.

Eva is very skillful at catching inaccuracies and turning them into positives. She helps me keep on target and accountable to my weekly goals. I have made faster progress with more focus than working on it by myself.

Eva has a very creative eye when it comes to design. Being a designer myself I find her coaching service a great support.

— Alan Cash, graphic designer

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Eva takes you right to the heart of what might be blocking your progress and very pleasantly blows it away with a warm breeze.

L. Richards, Oakland












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