unfolding into JOY

transformational coaching with Eva Ruland
Getting ready for the New Year

photo by Eva Ruland.

Participants say: "Powerful!" • "Profound" • "Just what I needed."

The art of setting yourself up for a good new year starts with taking stock of what happened in the year that is about to end. What are the highlights of this ending year? What difficulties were you facing? Where there any things that have been haunting you and that you might be ready to let go of?

In this transformational session we will look at the good and the bad. We will tune into gratitude. We will tune into forgiveness—least of which to forgive ourselves. We will share a ritual of letting go.

This session starts at dusk to catch the mood of winter and slide down into the magical space. We'll start at 4:30pm and will end around 6pm.

December 30, 4:30PM - 6PM | Berkeley

Contribution: $79 (when you register before Dec 14) thereafter $89

*Eva Ruland and the featured collage workshop participants thank all photographers and other artists who created the original art we were drawing from.

All collages throughout the site are used for private purpose only.





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"The workshop is a remarkable tool for helping one process what's going on in the subconscious."

"It was a wonderful experience for me. I can't thank you enough for giving me the space to allow myself to feel and be creative."

"Eva creates a safe place to explore ourselves through collage and share comfortably with others."

Karen P., Therapist